PLS Carpentry

Creating your vision.


We offer full service home renovations including kitchen, bathroom and basement remodels. Whether the remodelling of your house is big or small, we are capable of converting your house into the home you deserve. From initial designs to completion we will work to understand your needs and will incorporate solutions that add extra functionality to your daily life.

Stress-Free Renovations

We know home renovations can be a very stressful experience if not approached the right way. Hiring PLS Carpentry is a good way to make sure your renovation is an easy and stress-free process. We will work closely with you during your renovation, offering suggestions for features, materials, eco-friendly and cost-saving solutions, and anything else we think may have a positive impact on your remodel.

Choosing a company for the renovation of your house can be difficult, which is why we offer free estimates. We value open communication and answer any questions or concerns you may have in order for you to feel as comfortable as possible during the remodel.

Resolving Potential Issues

The safety and structural integrity of your home is very important to us. During some home renovations (especially older homes) we will encounter pre-existing problems. Some common issues are outdated plumbing, unsafe electrical work, hazardous material, cracked or uneven foundations, rotting framing and more. When an issue arises we will discuss it with you and fix the problem in a cost-efficient manner.


01. Free Estimation

The renovation process begins with us receiving your request for a free quote. Shortly after we will contact you to arrange a free estimate. Ideally, this meeting is done in your home where we will discuss the project as well as take measurements of the space that you’d like renovated. We take time to discuss your ideas for the renovation, we want to know what features you’d like to be included and get a general idea of what your vision is. We will go over any restrictions there may be for the renovation and establish a timeline and budget for the project. By discussing your ideas and any limitations there may be, we will now both have a more realistic expectation of the renovation.

After we have discussed the scope of the project, a detailed contract will be presented to you that outlines payments, change orders, guarantees and much more, so there is no confusion when the renovation begins.

02. Project Begins

After everything is agreed upon and the quote has been accepted, we prepare your home for construction. We safely secure the renovation area from the rest of your house and protect the walls, floor and living space we are remodelling. By properly securing a designated renovation space we will limit the disruption the home improvement process has on your everyday life. Our goal is to have the renovation process be as stress-free and enjoyable as possible.

After we have protected the renovation area we can now safely begin demolition. We are very careful when gutting the space, we want home owners to save money where possible by reusing or maintaining certain aspects of the remodel that don’t need to be replaced or updated.

During the renovation we are very environmentally conscious and any waste that is produced during the gutting will be disposed of in an eco-friendly manner. When the demolition is complete we are ready to start working on the construction portion of your home renovation.

03. Construction

To begin the construction of your home improvement we build the rough-ins and the foundation of the space. We are focusing on fixing any existing structural issues and preparing any plumbing, electrical or duct work that may need to be done. After the rough ins are done and the foundation is set we can begin the finishings of the remodel.

This is the part of your home renovation where it gets really exciting, the project begins to come together and your vision is quickly becoming a reality. At this stage we are laying the flooring, finishing the carpentry and trim work, painting the room, wiring the lighting, adding fixtures, putting in cabinetry and any other finishings that may need to be done.

04. Final

After we have completed the construction phase of the renovation we will do a thorough cleaning of the renovated area. Customer satisfaction is how we measure success, so we will ask you to do a final walkthrough of your new space. Any concerns you may have at this time are welcomed and will be addressed immediately. When you are satisfied with your new space and have signed off on the final quality check, your renovation is complete. Welcome to your new home!